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Hi, my name is Annmarie Lord

or the "Motivational Psychic Medium" to some of my clients and friends.


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I worked as a nurse for over 30yrs; however retired from nursing in 2014, to dedicate my life fully to my passion of Mediumship, Healing, Teaching, and Coaching through this I empower women to do the same.
These days I continue to work as a psychic medium and healer; however, I also find myself guiding women of all ages into a life of their dreams.

As women, we tend to always put others before ourselves whether it be the children, relationships, friends, family, work commitments the list goes on. Helping women find courage, strength, and freedom to live their passion is my passion.

During our sessions together I guide my clients around what’s possible for them how they can find their true calling and achieve it.

This has been life changing for many of my clients and myself.

I am so passionate about assisting women who think change cant happen for them and through my own life experience, I discovered it can and its never too late!

I now see ladies for intuitive guidance consultations, NLP life, and business coaching and Time Line Therapy. I also run seminars, workshops, and mindset coaching webinar packages to empower women to feel liberated in all areas of their lives.

Sessions with my clients are as different as they are, I have a wealth of experience in coaching, mentoring, intuition and life. With every person I see I bring my bag of “knowledge Tools” to our consultations so as everyone has a unique experience that will enhance their lives.

I am a medium and psychic; this is still my love and passion and is conveyed in all my meetings with clients.
My passion is helping women find courage strength and freedom to live their passion daily.

I’m proud of my journey, my work, and the thousands of people I’ve helped find peace, closure, and strength to live their dreams each year. 

I continue to learn from all in my life, the good and the bad; it makes us all the fantastic people we are today.
My life’s work has been very humbling, and all I have ever done is change my cant’s into can’s, and that is how I would like to assist you in doing the same.

Please feel free to read my full blog ” The Motivational Medium” .

Wishing you all lots of love and laughter on your own journey.

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  • Working with Annmarie has been one of the best decisions, I have ever made. I re-cently completed my NLP coaching and I feel like a new person, so much more confident and happy. I find that I’m doing things now that I would never ever have been able to do before the coaching.

    Annmarie is amazing at what she does, I’m so grateful for all her help. No matter how big or small your problems are, she will help to get on the right path to being a happier you.

    She is an absolute Godsend x

  • I’ve never had a reading before, but Annmarie was so lovely and explained every-thing and the way it “works” before we started. I was stunned by how accurate the information she received about past events was, even with the accuracy in the way of speaking of the person who came through. Just wow!

  • Annmarie’s coaching style is gentle but persuasive and makes you look at the uncomfortable side of why you are having blocks in your success as well as celebrating the achievements along the way. Her support has been invaluable, and her knowledge of how far to push before resistance arrives is very intuitive. She works with you, allowing you to come to your own conclusions about reasons for the way things are and then supports you in finding better outcomes.

  • I have just completed a psychic development workshop with Annmarie and it was truely amazing, loved every minute of it. Learned some invaluable lessons and made my understanding of mediumship a lot clearer. Will certainly do further workshops with Annmarie in the future. Thanks Annmarie

  • I attended Annmaries Mindset Seminare and my mind was blown. Nothing is stopping me from living my dreams only me! I now know i can build a dream, I feel it, I can see it and i can make it happen. thanks you Annmarie this day was brilliant x Collette

    Today and saw an inspirational passionate woman. the seminar was delivered with Humour and heart. I feel i can knock down my fears and achieve anything i want to achieve “ I AM ME !

    An Amazing day i loved being around your energy you are so inspiring

  • AnnMarie has absolutely changed the way I view not only myself, but people and situations around me. I have gained so much more confidence in myself and learnt that not every task or challenge is as big as I first perceive it to be. I wish I had start-ed doing this with her years ago, in fact I keep threatening to move in with her as I don’t feel I could ever be without her and her guidance in my life again – it’s an addiction for me lol. Each week I discover more and more stuff that on the face of it should be hitting me between my eyes, but it’s taken AnnMarie and her wisdom, knowledge and guidance to bring it to my attention. Forever grateful for every single thing you have shared with me.

  • Just had an early morning face time reading with Annemarie in Australia to me in the U.K. and want to thank her for connecting me with my mum, you are so lovely, you were extremely accurate, loved talking to you and could have chatted all day! Love how ‘real’ you are. I completely trust you and will be recommending you to everyone, I was a little lost before I spoke to you and you have given me hope again thank you from the bottom of my heart xxxxxx