Readings & Guidance

Annmarie undertakes readings using psychic ability and mediumship.

This meeting will take place in her office, and usually lasts 1hr.

This is a private and confidential session, therefore, Annmarie will not discuss your reading with a third party.

She is also happy for you to record this session on your mobile phone.

Days of readings  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday, and Saturday.

Times 10am, 11.15am,12.30pm.

If the day and time required are not available from the list please use the contact button below to enquire regarding the Cancelation list and different times.

All sessions Price $180

Please note a deposit of $80 will be required to secure the booking.

 Note Deposit is none refundable, 48hrs notice must be given prior to your date and time of booking to receive a refund of your deposit.

The remainder payment of  $100 can be made on the day, Cash only.

Information how to pay the deposit will be given following initial inquiry or you can book online by clicking the link below.

One Question Readings

This is where you can email Annmarie one question or request information around a specific area of your life you would like some guidance in.

Annmarie will meditate upon your question, get some insight into your area of choice, then email you your answer this may take up to 3 weeks.

She will also consult her Angel Tarot cards for confirmation.

This can be done for people all around the world.


Email/Skype/Facetime Readings

Annmarie will do the reading for you. She will then email you documentation on what she receives. She is also happy if you prefer to arrange a date and time that suits you both to email. This will enable the reading to become a two way conversation.

You can ask a specific question if you wish. However, this is usually not necessary. The session will take between 45min to  1 hour.

session $150

Please note Full amount must be paid at the time of booking for email/Skype/ Facetime/ Phone readings $150

Disclaimer : Please read all terms and conditions.

Annmarie will never tell you how to live your life or what path to take, this is guidance only and the end decision will always be yours alone.

Annmarie will never guarantee you will have a connection with a specific loved one in spirit, she will, however, guarantee she does her very best.

Medical advice will not be given and the information you receive during the sessions with Annmarie is guidance only.

Please note: Email and phone readings can be done anywhere in the world.