About Me

Annmarie Lord

Psychic Medium & Intuitive Guidance Coach and Mentor

Perth Australia.

Annmarie Lord is an International Intuitive Guidance Coach, Mentor, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master/ Teacher, and NLP practitioner.

After working for more than thirty years as a nurse, Annmarie changed course, embarking on the path of her true calling. She now empowers others to transform their lives through private consultations in her Intuitive Coaching practice, as well as a series of online courses and life-changing seminars and workshops using her signature programs, The Grateful 3 Approach to Life™, and Minrgy™ Healing Method.

Annmarie combines her unique skills as a psychic medium with her extensive life coach training to empower many not just in Perth, Australia but worldwide. She is quickly becoming known as the “Motivational Medium.” 

Passionate about teaching the importance of energy exchange, Annmarie specialises in mindset reframing, having recognised the need for solutions and techniques that are simple yet powerful and easy to incorporate into our busy schedules.

Annmarie loves her work and is passionate about supporting men and women at all stages of their lives to find greater happiness and abundance while helping them achieve their dreams.

Spending time and making memories with her family and friends is a priority, as well as staying healthy and enjoying long mind-calming walks with her dogs.

When she’s not coaching clients and creating new courses and workshops, you’ll find her attending many world-class seminars, fire walking, and breaking boards with her palm. However, she is not superhuman. She also loves a good glass of red and singing very badly along to her favourite 60s tunes or a decent cuppa and working on her next book, and sometimes mixing them up. Now that is interesting!

  • International Psychic/Medium voted BestFive Perth Psychic in 2020
  • Intuitive Coach And mentor
  • Reiki Teacher/Master
  • Creator of MINRGY™ Healing
  • Author and presenter of  Podcast “The Grateful 3 Approach To Life™.”
  • Author ‘The Grateful 3 approach to life™.’
  • Author ‘From Shit To Shine Gratitude Journal”
  • Previous Resident Psychic medium at 101Business Radio Perth WA