How to become the CEO of your own international company

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Collette Shine the CEO of Shine organics. Collette contacted me in October following her attendance at my “Abundance Mindset Seminar” She asked would I consider taking her on as a coaching client. I advised her that there was a waiting list also an interview process, as I will […]

The Motivational Medium

My journey began I suppose when I was a very young girl growing up in Bootle a town in Liverpool. These years were not easy as we were short on money but rich on family, I was the eldest of 6 children and the only girl, my mum’s sister also had five boys, we were […]

8 Transformational Steps To Freedom, My Journey

Let me take you on my journey. Listen as I share with you how I created freedom in my life using what I now call my eight transformational steps to freedom. How I created a positive mindset and set myself free to live the life, I have today.

FREE Cord Cutting Mediation

Set Yourself free from past situations and people that no longer serve you any purpose. Some situations or people may drain your energy and stop you from moving forward, start to cut your cords today. This meditation should be done daily for 30 days consecutively so as to embed into your subconscious mind becoming your […]

Numbers what do they mean to you ?

Do You see numbers everywhere? What do they mean for us when we see them ? Do you see 111 or 333 or 999 ? Listen as i give you an insight as to what the numbers mean for me and you. Podcast The spiritual life with Annmarie Lord    

Free Meditation Pod Cast

Hi Guys this is an introduction about what’s coming up in the next few weeks on the pod cast and what you can expect: Free guided Meditations Amazing information on Goal setting Manifesting your hopes and dreams How to knock down abundance blocks Re framing your mind and thoughts for success Cut the cords to […]