Woman only Business and Life Coaching

Women only Business and Life Coaching

” I will not be another flower, picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find, and impossible to forget.”

 Erin Van Vuren 

As women, we tend to always put others before ourselves whether it be the children, relationships, friends, family, work commitments the list goes on. Helping women find courage, strength, and freedom to live their passion is my passion.

During our coaching sessions together, I guide my clients around what’s possible for them how they can find their true calling and achieve it.

This has been life changing for many of my clients and myself.

I am so passionate about assisting women who think change cant happen for them and through my own life experience, I discovered it can and its never too late!

I now see ladies for intuitive life and business coaching we smash through fear barriers around Money, relationships, health, success amongst others. I will assist you in living your true potential.

I run women-only seminars, workshops, and mindset coaching webinar packages to empower women to feel liberated in all areas of their lives. GIRL POWER !!

If you would like further information or a chat about how I can help you help yourself to change, then send me a message and take advantage of my free 30 min interview consultation.

Rules to consider before applying:

  1. I will only take you on if I feel I can work my best for you.
  2. I will only take you on if I feel you can work your best for you.
  3. Coaching and change require 100% dedication from you; you bring the dedication ill supply the rest.

If you still feel this is for you? Let’s talk

The cost of this life-changing intervention, months of support, and 5 x 1hr face to face sessions, with myself is $750  total, however, you are NOW also entitled to one 30 min, no-obligation, free consultation, and discount of some of many courses.