About Annmarie Lord

Annmarie is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual, Law of attraction Coach, Mentor and Registered Nurse.

Annmarie knew she always had a “SECRET” but chose to turn a blind eye to it. Having children and a busy nursing career, this became easier to ignore.

In 2004, while she was living in the UK, she met Stephanie Swain who worked as a Neuro Linguistic Programer and Reiki Practitioner. While receiving NLP and Reiki from Stephanie, they became good friends. Stephanie introduced Annmarie to meditation, Reiki healing and the art of relaxation. This became invaluable in Annmarie’s every day life as a Palliative Care/Community Nurse.  Through her daily practices of meditation and relaxation,  Annmarie opened a door she thought she had closed forever.  Stephanie knew about Annmarie’s  “secret”, but promised to keep this knowledge to herself until Annmarie was ready to share. To this beautiful friend she is forever grateful.

Annmarie Lord - Tranquil Balance Perth

In 2006, Annmarie left England and emigrated to Australia. This is where she felt most comfortable to further explore her psychic abilities. Through doing  this she has continued to bring healing, guidance and peace to many, including herself.
In 2009 she set up Tranquil Balance –  a supplier of new age merchandise, which she continues to do.

In 2014, she decided to dedicate her time to helping people through mediumship, spiritual readings, spiritual coaching, Reiki healing and teaching the art of Reiki.

Annmarie continues to work under the company umbrella name, however now dedicates herself to being a full time Psychic Medium, Angel Card Intuitive, Reiki Healer, Teacher, Platform Medium and spiritual LOA coach and Mentor.  She also facilitates many group sessions, including  Psychic development, Angel Card and  Reiki 1 & 2 workshops. Also new for 2018 Intuitive weekend workshops on how to regain your power in your business, relationships and live with abundance in your everyday life.

Annmarie is also resident psychic medium for 101 business radio here in Perth and the presenter of her own podcast “The Spiritual Life with Annmarie Lord”

The majority of Annmarie’s clients have always come to her from around the world, via word of mouth.  From creating this website, she is enabling the possibility of clients to gain more information about her and what she can offer.

Education and registration

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  • Psychic/Medium
  • Platform Medium
  • Reiki healer
  • Reiki Teacher/Master
  • Spiritual LOA Coach And mentor
  • Resident Psychic medium at 101Business Radio Perth WA
  • Author and presenter of Podcast “The Spiritual Life With Annmarie Lord”
  • International Institute of Complementary Therapies
  • Training officer Cert 4 training and assessment
  • Police clearance
  • Working with children clearance
  • Excellence in leadership and Management.
  • Australian Association of Manutention Practitioners level 2
  • Registered Nurse AHPRA


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