The Grateful 3 , 12 Month Intuitive Transformational Online Coaching Program

Welcome to the 12-Month Grateful 3 Intuitive Transformation Coaching On-Line Program.

If you are 19 or 90, a busy working mum, an entrepreneur, or a student, this program is for you.

First things first, let’s see where you are going through intuition!

Annmarie works daily as a well-known Intuitive Medium here in Perth, Western Australia. This is one of the many skills that sets her and this program apart from any other. 

On your first initial private clarity call, Annmarie will connect with your energy to see where you should be, then after discussing this in-depth with you she will then take you on a 12-month online journey to get you there!

This fully submerged 12-month program is self-paced. You will have to commit to the work to make the changes; however, it can fit around your busy lifestyle and commitments and still work.

It will be like having your own coach on demand you can tune into whenever you are free. 

What you can expect from this program once you have signed up, you will receive information on how to book your clarity call with Annmarie, your Grateful 3 Gift Box will be posted out to you, and the very first welcome video, email, and workbook will be sent to you so you can start straight away.

GGB ( Grateful Gift Box) 


  • A signed copy of the grateful 3 Approach to life.
  • A signed copy of The Shit To Shine Gratitude Journal.
  • Digital download of  3 Guided Mediations.
  • 1: Energy Protection.
  • 2: Manifest your dreams
  • 3: Knockdown abundance blocks.
  • A beautiful gratitude chakra candle infused with Reiki Healing and crystals.
  • A soft velvet gratitude pen.
  • A personalised Crystal: Annmarie Will tune into your energy and see what crystal would best suit you at this time. She will also send you the name and description so you can work best with your crystal.

What the program entails:

  • Grateful Gift Box as above ( Lots of goodies to get you where you want to go)
  • Initial 30-minute zoom clarity call. ( This allows Annmarie  to see and feel into your energy and discuss with you what you should be doing rather than what you think you should be doing!)
  • Monthly training videos are sent out via email every first Tuesday of the month for you to keep.
  • Monthly group live coaching call’s where you can ask any questions from the training, or if you can’t attend, listen to the playback recording that will be sent out to you the next day.
  • Monthly guided meditations and manifesting affirmations will be used for 30 days and sent out with the training video on the first Tuesday of the month.
  • Bonus master classes from female experts in their industries will be emailed throughout the year.
  • Monthly task planners that will help you smash through your goals and stay focused and committed to progress.
  • Any documents needed for monthly training will be sent out before training dates.
  • Your calendar will be set once you sign up for the program, so you will know where you are and how to plan your training weeks in advance. This will keep you on track and enhance total success.
  • Monthly emails from Annmarie to check in.
  • Access to members’ only Facebook pages so you can discuss your progress and get support, not only from myself but also from others making the journey with you.
  • Discounts on courses, seminars, and meet-ups. This included all online courses coming up in 2023.
  • Opportunity to book events before they are launched or released to the public.
  • Graduation certificate to say you have attended and completed the entire program.

Annmarie’s only requirement from you is to play full out! 

Her mission is to assist as many people as possible to become confident, stress-free, and live the life they truly want to live.

This is a 12-month fully supported journey with a lifetime of change. 

If you think this program is for you, sign up, jump in, take the first step, and Anmarie will see you very soon.

All prices include GST and Set Up Fee.

Free postage and packaging for gift box

There are two payment options for this program see below:

A full payment of $1499 + GST made at the time of booking.

A payment plan of four separate payments of $400 + GST + $15 one-off set-up fee. Paid over 12 months. The first payment will be paid upon booking.

 If you Pay in full straight away, you will save $111.11 +GST $$$$$

Once you are signed up, you will receive a letter with lots of information and a date for your Intuitive Clarity Call. 

 Click below to sign up now.

Please read the terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions: The Grateful 3, Transformational Coaching 12-Month Program

Following the Client’s sign-up and commitment to the 12 Month Transformational Coaching program, there is a cooling-off period of 30 days.

During this time, the Client will have received the Grateful Gift Bag/Box. They will have attended the clarity call, received the first video, and had the opportunity to participate in the group coaching via zoom.

If following this, they feel that the program is not for them, they have the opportunity to contact Annmarie or her assistant and cancel their subscription. A Charge of $400 will be deducted from all payments paid in full and the remainder refunded, or if the Client signed up for a quarterly subscription, the contract will be canceled, and the first payment of $400 already paid will NOT be refunded.

Payment deducted is for services, goods, and administration already provided.