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Working with Annmarie has been one of the best decisions, I have ever made.  I recently completed my NLP coaching and I feel like a new person, so much more confident and happy.  I find that I’m doing things now that I would never ever have been able to do before the coaching. 

Annmarie is amazing at what she does, I’m so grateful for all her help. No matter how big or small your problems are, she will help to get on the right path to being a happier you. 

She is an absolute Godsend x



My Name is Lucy Tesoro. I am sharing my story as I feel I would like other people to know Annemarie was and still is an inspiring coach and mentor to me.

I am an holistic wellness practitioner and run my own practice from home.

I thought I was an organised and motivated  person but I felt I never had the time for me. I never seemed to get ahead and I was running around in circles, doing 100 things at once. Every thing I started something, nothing was ever finished. I set goals and it never seemed to come around.

I met Annemarie several months ago.She gave me some coaching advice how to rearrange, manifest and  organise what ever I wanted in my everyday life and set  goals for the future.

Well with in the first week, I had my next 3 months planed out, goals set and felt like I had direction. I started to see the change with in the month.

Its been 6 months since I put my goals in place and the change has been amazing. I am more organised, I have time to my self. All that I set in place and dreamed of has come to fruition and more.With all this I can see that my business also is growing.

I cant thank Annemarie enough for all her help, support and mentoring through my journey.

I would recommend Annemarie for any any advice mentoring or training you may need. She is down to earth honest and works from the heart.

I can honestly say he is one of my mentors and grateful out paths crossed.



AnnMarie has absolutely changed the way I view not only myself, but people and situations around me. I have gained so much more confidence in myself and learnt that not every task or challenge is as big as I first perceive it to be.  I wish I had started doing this with her years ago,  in fact I keep threatening to move in with her as I don’t feel I could ever be without her and her guidance in my life again – it’s an addiction for me lol. Each week I discover more and more stuff that on the face of it should be hitting me between my eyes, but it’s taken AnnMarie and her wisdom, knowledge and guidance to bring it to my attention. Forever grateful for every single thing you have shared with me.



Annmarie’s coaching style is gentle but persuasive and makes you look at the uncomfortable side of why you are having blocks in your success as well as celebrating the achievements along the way.  Her support has been invaluable, and her knowledge of how far to push before resistance arrives is very intuitive.  She works with you, allowing you to come to your own conclusions about reasons for the way things are and then supports you in finding better outcomes.

With much love and warmest regards,



After the loss of my partner my whole world as I knew it was lost and my hope’s and dreams for the future disappeared overnight.  

After some serious soul searching I knew I had to regain my happiness and work towards moving on and whilst I knew where I wanted to be, I had no idea or the skills of how to get there.  I just knew I couldn’t stay in the space where I was for my own sake and that of my children. 

Meeting Annmarie motivated me to approach her about coaching me and this has been a key factor in helping me to work on rebuilding my life and regaining my personal happiness. 

That journey continues for me, sometimes it’s a leap forward and at other times it has been two steps forward and one step back.  Annmarie has been there all the way as a mentor and as a cheerleader, keeping me focused on my goals, addressing abundance blocks and most importantly helping me to achieve a healthy mindset.  

Her holistic approach and insight has allowed me to develop many skills that can be applied to all areas of my life and to many situations current and what may come in the future. 

I highly recommend Annmarie if you are looking to enhance your life.  At the end of the day, you will only get out of it what you are prepared to put in.  If you are committed to working hard at applying the principles that Annmarie shares and moving out of your comfort zone, you will be well rewarded. 

Leanne Shepherd 

I’ve never had a reading before, but Annmarie was so lovely and explained everything and the way it “works” before we started. I was stunned by how accurate the information she received about past events was, even with the accuracy in the way of speaking of the person who came through. Just wow!



I loved my reading with Annmarie. Such a beautiful lady who was absolutely on point with everything.

I arrived feeling a little anxious but left with clarity of mind and peace in my heart.

Thankyou so very much xx



Honestly one of the best readings I have ever had! The accuracy of what she was saying, I got the closure I wanted and not embarrassed to say I practically cried through majority of the reading when my grandad came through who had passed away last year.



Had my reading with Annmarie yesterday! She is such a kind hearted, warm and welcoming person who had me leaving feeling fulfilled and ready to take life by the horns



Had a reading today with the lovely Annemarie it was a wonderful reading an very insightful. She’s truly a very gifted woman and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Annemarie it ment a lot. See you soon xx



Just had an early morning face time reading with Annemarie in Australia to me in the U.K. and want to thank her for connecting me with my mum, you are so lovely, you were extremely accurate, loved talking to you and could have chatted all day! Love how ‘real’ you are. I completely trust you and will be recommending you to everyone, I was a little lost before I spoke to you and you have given me hope again thank you from the bottom of my heart xxxxxx



I have been to see Annmarie twice and each time she has always been so accurate with her readings. She offers so much and I always come away feeling peaceful and content in the guidance I am seeking. Annmarie has a very natural and caring approach and her humour is fantastic too! I honestly would recommend her to anyone needing some guidance or to be in touch with a loved one. I feel very blessed that I have found Annmarie!



I saw Annmarie at the Hardware Cafe Psychic dinner night a few months back and although no one came through for me I was gobsmacked at how accurate she was for everyone who was lucky enough to have loved ones come through!! I was lucky enough to receive a free mini reading over the phone for the radio and it was scarily accurate. Thank you so much for your warm words Annmarie your one in a million 



Anne Marie is an amazing Psychic Medium. She is a down to earth, genuine, caring and heart felt person. I loved your Reiki 1 course and I personally had some amazing things happen since then. Thank you for being YOU and making a real difference in my life and in our beautiful world. God bless you!



Annmarie was spot on with my reading, it was wonderful to be able to speak with my beloved dad . I got full comfort in knowing that he is now at rest and is with me.

Annmarie is a lovely genuine down to earth lady that puts your mind to rest before your reading. For those who have never had a reading before and quite nervous I assure you , you have nothing to worry about, Annmarie readings are wonderfully calm and relaxed…book in for your reading, you will not be disappointed

Update of review

I have since done an angel card Reading course with Annmarie, all I can say is …amazing…the course was very informative and relaxed , i feel I learned so much about myself as well as reading the cards. Annmarie was very knowledgeable and did not shy away from giving us her experience to help us achieve our goal. Annmarie is definitely and earth worker and teacher…thankyou Annmarie xx



I won the Mother’s Day reading with Annmarie and I was blown away with the accuracy of the reading. The personal details were spot on – I couldn’t believe it. Thank you so much for a wonderful reading and allowing me to connect with my son and grandma. It brings me so much peace and comfort to know they are here with me. I look forward to another reading with you in the future xx



I recently had a reading with Annmarie. She is compassionate, understanding and very accurate with her readings. She makes you feel comfortable and I always just get a feeling of calm. I would highly recommend anyone seeing her. Such an amazing lady with a gorgeous heart.



If anyone is considering going to see Annmarie to connect with their loved ones, I say do it!!

My son came through and the messages and information I received was 100% accurate. Being able to communicate with my boy and knowing he is still with us is the best gift I could of ever received.

Thank you Annmarie for helping me to heal and smile again



What an amazing experience it was to meet and then have a reading with Annmarie. To have my Nanna, that passed one month before I was born, send messages of encouragement, admiration and praise was absolutely brilliant. Annmarie thank you for using the gift that you have been given to deliver messages from the other side- you are truly amazing



I found Annmarie to be warmhearted, funny and extremely gifted as a medium, her connection was amazing and I felt like I had my love ones seated around me and that we were all having a conversation together. Her messages were spot on and gave me clarity, insight and confirmation. I highly recommend her services xx



I didn’t need to contact a loved one, as much as I needed direction, as I knew I was off my path but was too chicken to get back on. As soon as Annmarie made contact with my deceased grandfather and said he was tapping his toes and getting restless waiting for me to get started .. I knew she was for real.

My family all thank you Annmarie, because I am now ready to get on with it.

Still scared but I’m about to dive in.

Thank you so much … x



I had a reading with Annmarie a few weeks ago. She was so accurate, I swear my loved ones were standing in the room telling her every detail. I highly recommend Annmarie for a medium reading!



Last night I had the most accurate readings I’ve ever had! Thank you so much for giving us the closure we needed. We are both so happy knowing our baby girl is safe with her aunty. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx



Annmarie was absolutely fantastic, made me feel very peaceful and reassured me at every stage of the reading. She is a lovely lady and has an infectious aura about her. Was a pleasure having her read for me and have recommended her to many family & friends. A truly beautiful Lady. 


I have done Both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with Annmarie. She is such a lovely, warm hearted person. Both days were amazing and very informative. I would highly recommend her 🙏💜

It is a lovely place to learn Reiki. What Annmarie can give you is more than you think. I would like to come back for level two next time. Thank you so much



A Beautiful teacher, a lovely and tranquil venue and a fantastic group of people. Had the best day doing my Reiki 1. Thank you very much Annmarie will see you for Reiki 2. Xo



I really appreciated the opportunity to learn Reiki and enjoyed the learning process. The venue is so lovely and it was great to meet you. Thanks Annmarie. You are a special and lovely person. Cheers



Attended the Reiki 1 workshop today. Amazing experience and gorgeous location. Looking forward to Reiki 2 Feeling very ‘tuned’ at the moment

Thanks, Ann Marie ❤️❤️


I have just completed a psychic development workshop with Annmarie and it was truely amazing, loved every minute of it. Learned some invaluable lessons and made my understanding of mediumship a lot clearer. Will certainly do further workshops with Annmarie in the future. 🙂

Thanks Annmarie.



I attended the angel card reading for beginners on Saturday and it was an amazing day, I got so much out of it in a beautiful setting with an excellent teacher, we were all made to feel relaxed about taking on a new project and I haven’t put my cards away since, we were told to keep practising so I have! Thanks Annemarie x


I recently attended Annemarie’s abundance mindset seminar. That seminar really kicked my butt into gear! Before the seminar I had my head in the sand, avoiding filling in paperwork to get things moving to make my dream a reality.  She taught me how to remove my abundance blocks, which I did, and I’m seeing fantastic results! When Annemarie posed the question, “What can you do to make your dream happen?” the penny dropped! I look forward to the date –  – be specific, she said! – that I transfer the pictures from my vision board onto a gratitude board. I highly recommend this seminar. I left it feeling as though I could conquer the world! Thanks, Annemarie xx

Amanda 😁


I attended Annmaries Mindset Seminare and my mind was blown. Nothing is stopping me from living my dreams only me! I now know i can build a dream, I feel it, I can see it and i can make it happen. thanks you Annmarie this day was brilliant x



Today and saw an inspirational passionate woman. the seminar was delivered with Humour and heart. I feel i can knock down my fears and achieve anything i want to achieve “ I AM ME !



An Amazing day i loved being around your energy you are so inspiring



I didn’t know what to think or expect when I booked in to attend a Mindset Mastery
Class with Annmarie, I had some goals and no other expectations. I walked out feeling euphoric and signed up for one on one coaching. To say that making that decision has been the best decision I’ve ever made is an understatement. 6 months after my first coaching session I now own my own business, run and operate a Beauty Salon in Mount Hawthorn, and the biggest success is the creation of my own Skin Care Line which will be appearing in British Vogue. All this has come to life because of the nurturing, encouragement and solid advice Annmarie has given me. I was taught to identify my fear barriers and then overcome them. This has not only helped me bring my dreams to life, it has made me grow as a person. Changing my Mindset, developing an attitude of gratitude and maintaining a vision are not just skills needed for business, they are skills very much needed in life. I feel so very blessed to have met this amazing lady and benefited from her wisdom. I am confident that the mentoring she will continue to offer me will help me bring to fruition my biggest dreams, many of which I haven’t even dreamt yet.

Collette Shine
Shine Organics Perth