Reiki Webinar Monthly Master Class

Reiki Webinar Monthly Master Class


? Are you a Reiki practitioner who feels has lost their way on the healing journey?

? Or Feel Like you want to take your practice to the next level; however, your not to sure how?

? Would you embrace the opportunity to work with a Spiritual coach that keeps you focused on your path?

? Someone you can ask questions and revisit some original teachings you may have misplaced?

? A safe learning environment you can revisit and will never miss a session owing to reruns and all from the comfort of your own home at a minimal cost per month?

Having a coach to work with will keep you enthused, motivated, and your practice up to date, keeping you in a constant mentality for growth.

Our Live webinar sessions are available to people all around the world, a place where you will learn from others as we can discuss questions asked.

If you are a Reiki practitioner with your own practice, or a Reiki healer dedicated to self-care and changing your personal life with the beautiful energy of Reiki, then this package is for you.

Package includes:

  • Monthly Zoom masterclasses where you can ask questions and we can all share our learnings.
  • 2 time a year face to face get-togethers, facilitated by myself, where we can practice your hands-on healing technics, also receive some healing from other students ( dates to be arranged)
  • The monthly newsletter just for you guys with all the latest information around healing, healing classes special discounts.
  • Most importantly ongoing support while subscribed to the Reiki masterclasses.

Self-education has been an enormous part of my life over the last ten years, and I will share it with you.

This package is not being offered to the general public at this time only to the beautiful reiki practitioner I have attuned over the years due to the limited amount of spaces, so if you are here and would like to join, then don’t hesitate and subscribe today.

Once the places have gone, they will have gone.

This is not a lock-in contract and can be canceled at any time by you.

This reduced price of $19.99 per month will not be offered again.

This is an investment in you and your journey.

Your question to yourself should not be can I afford it, It should be can I afford not to?

To book your place, subscribe below.