Reiki 1 & 2 Fully Submersion Weekend Workshop

12th 13th November 2022 – 9.30 am – 5 pm both days.

Have you ever wanted to fully submerge yourself in a weekend workshop that has the potential to create a fantastic healing business for you?
Change the way you feel spiritually, emotionally, and physically, and never have to work another day in your life doing what you don’t want to do?

Enable you to send distant healing to your past and future as well as people around the world?

If this sounds like what you want, then read on.

I decided in 2009 to create a healing business that changed my life.
I retired from nursing and fully embraced my healing practice, and this all started with Reiki.
I now see clients from all over the world daily through taking that leap to learn this unique modality.
Reiki is not all I have learned to get me where I am today; it was my first step and could be yours.
I’m now offering you the chance to jump in with both feet. I’ll take you through not only the traditional teachings of Reiki, all that I learned about creating a fantastic healing business that benefits not only myself, my family, and especially the amazing people I get to meet daily.
This weekend will be like no other Reiki workshop you will attend. It’s loaded with tradition, spirituality, energy work, and business strategies to help you manifest your true potential.

This weekend, you will leave inspired, empowered, and ready to take the first step on your healing journey.

Once you have booked your place and paid in full, I will send you Reiki 1 and 2 E-books for download and pre-reading.

You will also receive a download version of my personally recorded guided meditations as part of this package.

Gratitude Journal.

Healing crystal.


On the last day of our workshop, you will receive complete lineage Reiki 1 and 2 certificates.
Some personal healing and Information on how to register and obtain insurance; therefore, you will be ready to create your dream practice by Monday.

Book your place below and start living your dream vocation.

You can also do reiki one alone or if you have completed Reiki 1 you can attend reiki 2 alone or fully submerge and attend both days.

$200 deposit

Reiki 1 $350

Reiki 2 $350

Reiki 1 & 2 $699

All deposits are non-refundable please read the terms and conditions when booking your place in the workshop.