Intuitive Guidance Readings

Intuitive Guidance Readings Find Direction In life, Business, Health, Finances, & Relationships.

I am a great believer in the human energy connection and the ability for us all to feel what others are feeling and be intuitively guided in a certain direction.

I was always aware of this energy as a child; however, the connection has become stronger and greatly enhanced over the years, allowing me to do the work I do and benefit the many people I see every year.

How I feel my intuitive guidance benefits my clients is I will not only see what is coming up for you, I will also tap into the abundance of knowledge I have acquired over ten years of studying management, business leadership, relationships, mindfulness, energy healing and of course over 30 years in health care as a nurse. 

This, I feel, will assist you in going from today to your ideal situation or goal.

People come to see me for guidance around many of the areas I have mentioned above and much more.

Whatever your reason for booking this session, I can help you clear the confusion fog and see your future in a new light.

I will never and can never tell you how to live your life; this is a decision you alone must decide; however, having a little guidance helps with your choice.

Please book your place, and let’s discover what’s possible for you.

This is a private and confidential session; therefore, I will not discuss your reading with a third party.

Days of readings Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Times 10 am, 11.15 am, 12.30 pm, 2.30 pm

My booking times can sometimes be months in advance; however, once you book in, you will automatically go onto my internal cancelation list and may get in sooner than expected. 

If a place becomes available sooner, Laura or I will call you and get you in sooner.

I do not have an external cancelation list, to be fair to my clients already booked in and waiting.

All sessions Price $180 

An $80 deposit is required to secure your booking.

Important information – All bookings made for dates after 1st March 2023 will be required to pay GST ( $180+GST)

The remaining payment of  $100 ( If After 1st March 2023 + GST )must be made via bank transfer five days before readings or cash or card on the day.

If your reading is via zoom/ skype/facetime/phone, please pay for your reading in full at the time of booking.

48hrs notice before your date and time of booking must be given for a full refund of a deposit.

Please read the terms and conditions.