Fear Shit To Shine Intuitive Guidance & Teaching Evenings First Tuesday Of Every Month

From Shit To Shine Intuitive Guidance & Teaching Evenings

First Tuesday Of Every Month 7.30pm-9pm

Important Information Due To The COVID 19 All Sessions Will Be Done Via ‘ZOOM’  For The Months Of April-May-June 2020.

If You Have Already Booked Your Place You Will Be Sent The Link Via Email.

“A life without fear is a life truly lived”

Fear is a natural instinct that kept us safe from saber-tooth tigers and wooly mammoths.

However, they have all gone (am sure you have noticed).

We still use fear to keep us safe in certain areas. Yet, as we have evolved over the years, so has society. The introduction of media, social media, papers, Tv, and radio means we are now privy to lots of information we never saw in the past, and this has caused scaremongering and enhanced our fears.

Some of the fears we feel are not real,except in our minds eye. This train of thought only serves in stopping us from having a wonderful life and keeps us in a zone we call the safety or fear zone.
We all like to stay in the “safe zone” to a degree, and we even convince ourselves it’s a good place; however, nothing ever grows in the safe or fear zone.

During these evenings, I will introduce you to strategies that get you out of the fear zone and into the life you should be and deserve to be living.

I will  deliver intuitive teachings and guidance around health, relationships, wealth, and finance.

I will teach you easy, simple, but powerful strategies that will alter your life and assist you in smashing through your fears to ultimate freedom.

The fear we live in can be changed, I know I have done it, and the results will set you free as they did me.

Join myself and like-minded people once a month as I take you through the amazingly simple and effective strategies I used to go from fear to freedom or as I call it from “Shit to Shine.”

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