Master Class Monthly Subscriptions

NLP, Intuitive Coaching & Mentoring

Monthly Master Class Live Webinar 

 Master class program that will change your life and program your mindset to excel in Business, Relationships, Health, Finances, Confidence, and Motivation.

The Coaching and Mentoring dedicated interactive program is an affordable monthly subscription to coaching via a live webinar.

The program is about change, assisting you to become the best “you” possible.

What you can expect from the masterclasses.

  1. How to reprogram your mind for success
  2. How to create a fantastic work-life balance
  3. How to Stop Procrastination
  4. Finding your strengths and expanding on them
  5. Addressing your blocks
  6. How to keep a positive momentum through struggles
  7. Goal setting with magic
  8. Healthy Body Healthy Mind
  9. Book Club with a difference
  10. Law of attraction – working for you
  11. Manifesting your dreams- not anyone else’s.
  12. Affirmations worth their weight in gold

There are limited seats on this masterclass so hurry and book your spot now.

Monthly subscriptions price $39.99 with automatic deduction and can be stopped by you at any time. ( no lock-in contract)

+ a one-off set up fee $10.00

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