New Two Day Seminar 19th & 20th October 2019 “8 Transformational Steps To Freedom”

 8 Transformational Steps To Freedom.

Life-changing weekend  19th & 20th October 2019 


Have you ever thought you should be so much further in your business, relationships, finances, health, or career than you are right now?

I decided in 2006 after the death of my young mum to live my life on my terms, not in fear, suffering debilitating panic attacks that kept me terrified and restricted.
I have spent the following 13 years learning from some of the best and most amazing people in the world how to do that and reach where I am today, total freedom!
On this weekend workshop, I have condensed some of the most essential strategies that took me from fear to freedom, and I will share them with you.
 I will take you through life-changing simple technics that will not only make for a fantastic, memorable experience; however, one that will continue a long time to follow, your life will never be the same; what you learn cant be unlearned.

You will be amazed at how confident, liberated, and motivated you have become, once fear held you back, not anymore.

Join me on a weekend that will change your life.

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Introduction price October only workshop $350 for both days!!

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